Poetry Tea Time

This past September I was introduced to Brave Writer through Julie Bogarts periscopes. Julie continues to give inspiring talks on creating strong relationships within your family as the basis for creating an environment open to learning – my favourite talk is the first one that I listened to on enchanted learning – wonderful for all families not just homeschoolers.

FullSizeRender.jpgOne of my favourite practices that I have incorporated from the Brave writer lifestyle is the
idea of Poetry Tea Time. Once a week, sometimes more often, the kids and I sit at the
kitchen table with our tea pot, tea cups, afternoon treat and take out our poetry books. The kids absolutely love silly poems and could listen to me read all afternoon. Our two favourite books are by Shel Silverstein ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ and by Sheree Fitch ‘Toes in my Nose’. The kids now know several poems each that they will recite at the table and they take great pride in being able to read poems along with me.


We all really enjoy this ritual and the kids get so very excited when they see me setting the table. Even Everly, loves sitting at the table and listening to the poems and laughing along with us. Here in Singapore, I do not have any of my fancy place settings or table clothes so we keep it very simple – tea pot, tea cups, honey lemon tea for the kids (chai tea for myself), a snack and our poetry books. Sometimes the snack may be a special treat, but more often then not it is fruit and muffins. For some really fun ideas, visit Poetry Tea Time on Instagram.

This practice has really become a parenting tool for me. Quite often on difficult days, I will set up a poetry tea time as it seems to bring us back together and reset everyones attitudes. No one will turn down a treat! I will also pair a tea time with another activity that Ewan may be less excited to take part in. Hand writing is especially exhausting for Ewan, but sitting altogether and having a snack seems to help with the ‘fun’ factor.

Tomorrow a website entirely dedicated to poetry tea time will be launched. It will guide you in poetry tea time how to’s, inspirational ideas, and ways to make this practice work for your family. Visit here for a free quick guide and details on a contest!



Let me know if you try a poetry tea time with your children. I was really surprised how much each of us really came to love this activity.

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