The Beginning of our Ottawa Homeschool Journey

I have taken quite a long break from this page since we have returned home from our Singapore adventure. I think exhaustion set in alongside the need to reorganize and declutter my entire home. We had an easy and low key summer filled with backyard play and spending time with friends and family. We took one holiday for a wedding in Scotland and to visit dear friends in England whom we had met in Singapore. We still miss our Singapore days and our friends in Singapore. 13835958_10157219357475385_1072893581_o

After spending a lot of time thinking about our home, our growing family and homeschooling, I think Alan and I have created a space that is beautiful, warm and
inviting and will meet our changing families needs. We have decluttered, and made each room a more usable space. We have even taken advantage of little nooks around the house and turned them into reading corners.

I am feeling like I have more energy than I have had in a long time. A restful summer and an organized home have left me excited to begin this homeschooling adventure here in Ottawa. Little do the kids know, but they have been doing ‘school’ over the summer as well. We try not to replicate school at home but to create an environment and daily habits that are rich in learning opportunities.

Going into this ‘school’ year we are keeping things very simple as baby #4 will be joining us late Fall. The kids are all in a gymnastics class on Monday afternoons as well as one
other activity – ballet for Isla, music for Everly and soccer for Ewan. Ewan and Isla will also be taking part in Nature School on Tuesday’s. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are our ‘school days’ where we will carry out our morning time activities which consist of lots of reading aloud (about an hour or so), Ewan reading a chapter to us from his own current chapter book, Isla practicing her reading lessons and Ewan’s short math lessons. Afterwards we have snack and then some writing for Ewan and Isla / colouring for Everly. Fridays are open days for field trips and get togethers with friends.

The read alouds are my favourite part – I like the idea of reading many and varied genfullsizerenderres of books – fiction, non fiction, fables, art books, poetry and using the Atlas and Encyclopedia. Our changing interests will help determine which stories will be read. The kids can play
quietly while I read, but most often we are all cuddled up on the couch. And this is how I envisioned homeschooling my kids, which keeps me going in the not so good moments.

Our afternoons are more open – the kids get some screen time for their games and learning apps while I take an hour for myself – no cleaning or laundry – usually either napping or drinking tea while reading or using my computer. Afterwards the kids are outside or we are using the playroom in the basement. I will set up some art activities as well as science activities throughout the week, but most often the kids are choosing how they would like to spend their time in the afternoon. We do have a special poetry tea time once a week as well.

We have continued reading, writing, and math over the summer so that these activities will be habits for the kids and so that I don’t have to stress about taking all of December off to focus on baby and the holidays. I am so happy that these activities have become routine parts of their days and that their favourite part is also the read alouds.

I hope everyones schooling adventures are off to a good start this week!

Thailand and the Comforts of Home

We spent this past week  on a beach in Phuket, Thailand and it was really an amazing IMG_7730holiday. We spent early mornings by the beach in awe of the incredible power of the waves hitting the shore. We then went to the hotel’s buffet breakfast and then to the pool for the rest of the morning. In the afternoons, we ordered room service lunch, enjoyed some quiet time inside and then hit the beach for the rest of the day and early evening. Then, back to the room for room service dinner.

Four days on a beautiful beach, enjoying warm ocean water, without need for cooking, cleaning or washing dishes was incredible. And yes, there were obviously arguments! While the kids would whine for screen time and complain about not wanting to wear shoes (this was an easy one – then don’t!), it was still much more peaceful than the everyday.



But, the unexpected surprise of the trip was the bed! It was incredible – so comfortable, so many pillows and such a soft, warm comforter. Alan even remarked that he had to take away some of the cushiness of the pillows! The kids commented on how amazing their bed was – even Everlys crib was amazingly comfortable!

By comparison, it should be noted how very terrible our beds are in Singapore. Our condo  is beautiful and was essentially fully furnished, but the beds and pillows are seriously lacking. The comforter does not even reach the sides of the bed – and when you cling to the sides of the bed because the kids crawl in during the night, it is really important that the comforter fits the bed! Ours does not.

Reflecting on this shortcoming, led me to missing my pots, pans and stoneware dishes. In Singapore, I have several pots but only one lid – it is hard to cook a meal with just one lid, I never realized how much I used the lids. I also miss my electric toothbrush, I am tired of brushing my teeth. I realize these are trivial things and, sure, I probably should have bought these items 9 months ago – but it was only temporary and we thought we would get by! Then, when we realized we should have bought pillows, it was too late.

All this to say that I am missing some of the comforts of my home, even amongst all of the incredible adventures that we have been on.

Also, last week a cock roach ran over my bare foot. I think I have been traumatized. I thought the neighbours would come running with my screams of horror, but apparently cock roaches are not a big deal to them. I now only wear shoes in the house and tip toe in my kitchen. There are not many cock roaches, but the odd one – and that really is just too many.

As our trip is winding down, we are beginning to look forward to returning home. Sure, we will miss the innumerable things to do in this city and the abundance of possibilities for nearby travel in South East Asia. But it will be nice to return home and find our new normal.

We have been able to look at our home from a completely new perspective since being away for so long. So many rooms / areas in our home are being wasted without meeting our needs. So, in my mind, I have revamped our main floor to start meeting the needs of our family and I am very excited to make these changes.

Until then, we will enjoy every last minute that we are here in Singapore.



Lindsay’s Book List

Since the new year, I have had a renewed interest in reading. At first it was to help encourage Ewan to read more often, by seeing me reading for pleasure. But very quickly my book list has grown and I have fallen back in love with reading. It has actually been so long since I have read several books back to back. Usually it takes 6 months to finally finish a book.

I have been focusing more on self care and I feel like reading really helps to renew my energy. Since having kids and running a business, if I was not reading something ‘educational’ it felt like it wasn’t worthy of my time or that I was wasting my time when I should be doing something productive. But, reality is, I will never have my to do lists complete. And the list of books that I wish I could read, will never get read if I do not start making self care a priority in my own life.


So, here is a run down of the books that I have read so far this year as well as a few on my list.

Lindsays 2016 Reads

Hands Free Mama and Hands Free Life, by Rachel Macy Stafford-

I really enjoy the Hands Free Mama blog and both of her books are full of inspiring stories to help you focus on the important things in life – slowing down and focusing on the people in your life and the things that bring you joy. My preference is the Hands Free Life book as it is a smoother read and so many inspiring quotes that I now have posted everywhere. Hands Free Mama is broken into monthly goals – more of a step by step guide, still great, but I felt guilty reading it all at once!

Notes from a Blue Bicycle, by Tsh Oxenreider

This book is about a family who moves overseas to live / work as expats and how they learn to simplify their lives as a result of this experience. Obviously I could relate to this!!! I really loved this story and although, I have not had the culture shock as this family did, there were still many parallels that I could draw between our experiences. It was also very interesting to see the challenges this family had adapting back to their North American lifestyle. This was an easy and enjoyable read, I would probably even read this book a second time – lots of great ideas on making priorities and living intentionally.

The Shopaholic to the Rescue, by Sophie Kinsella

I have read almost all of the previous books in this series and they are fun, easy reads. I enjoy the characters and the humour. It was a page turner and I finished this one within a week. My dad was also in town, so I had more time to spend reading as he was playing with the kids! I felt really great when I finished this book. The first fiction book of the year, it was so satisfying to read a story that really would not improve my life in any way except offering some entertainment. I must find more fiction books – let me know your favourite series – I am open to any genre, I haven’t read fiction in so long that I am out of the loop!

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert

This is also an interesting read on how she lets creativity enter her life and also how she celebrates others creativity around her as opposed to feeling envious. I like the idea of finding your own strengths and passions and pursing creativity for the sake of creativity not for an end goal.

Illustrations School – lets draw plants and small creatures

This is a book that I picked up from our last visit to the art gallery. The kids have been interested in drawing and I also really enjoyed drawing as a child. It is a really cute step by step guide for little doodles and easy pictures. The kids now think I am an artist!

Meditation, by Christina Rodenbeck

This was a birthday gift from Alan along with some yoga classes – apparently he thinks I need to relax! I am kidding, he is trying to help with my goals to remain calm, focused and fun while surviving with three young children. And he says this is the thing that the most successful people in the world all have in common. I am still not convinced that I will find the moments I need to meditate, but it has many good suggestions.

Read aloud novels for the kids for the month of March-

We are able to read quite a few novels a month with the kids for several reasons. The first, we have a fair amount of time on our hands since we homeschool – and a world of learning is opened with every book. Second, we rely on public transit and we always have a book to enjoy while we are on the go. Third, the kids could listen to stories ALL DAY LONG!! This is a list of our novels, not all of the early readers books, story books, poetry books, art books, etc that we read – I will save that for another blog post .

Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls

Ewan and Isla cannot get enough of the the Little House series! They found Farmer Boy a little harder to get into, we started it in the Fall, but then stopped as it didn’t hook them like the previous books. So we tried it again after the plum creek book and they did really enjoy Almanzo’s story.

The House at Pooh Corner, by, A.A. Milne

We have the big collection of Winnie the Pooh stories, but we had not read this chapter book before. It was lovely as all of the Winnie the Pooh stories always are. The poems, the language and humour used is loved by all ages. It also made us cry at the end as it is the last story written about Winnie the Pooh as Christopher Robin is transitioning to going to school. So very sad that it is eluded that he will no longer have the time to spend in his imagination.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle, by Beverly Cleary

The kids are loving this book and we have finished it within a week. It is a nice short read and the kids loved Ralph! Ewan also loved that this book was my book (I kept all of the Beverly Cleary books from when I was a child). He likes all the sentimental stuff!

Book list –

Other books on my list to get to over April include –

The Gifts of Imperfection : Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are, by Brene Brown

Shopaholic to the Stars, by Sophie Kinsella

For the kids-

By the Shores of Silver Lake (Little House-the Laura Years), by Laura Ingalls (for the kids)

Charlottes Web, by E.B. White (We have read it to Ewan, but it is so great we want Isla to hear at this age too)


Please let me know what your favourite books are right now – I am on the search for new series and not sure where to begin!




Poetry Tea Time

This past September I was introduced to Brave Writer through Julie Bogarts periscopes. Julie continues to give inspiring talks on creating strong relationships within your family as the basis for creating an environment open to learning – my favourite talk is the first one that I listened to on enchanted learning – wonderful for all families not just homeschoolers.

FullSizeRender.jpgOne of my favourite practices that I have incorporated from the Brave writer lifestyle is the
idea of Poetry Tea Time. Once a week, sometimes more often, the kids and I sit at the
kitchen table with our tea pot, tea cups, afternoon treat and take out our poetry books. The kids absolutely love silly poems and could listen to me read all afternoon. Our two favourite books are by Shel Silverstein ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ and by Sheree Fitch ‘Toes in my Nose’. The kids now know several poems each that they will recite at the table and they take great pride in being able to read poems along with me.


We all really enjoy this ritual and the kids get so very excited when they see me setting the table. Even Everly, loves sitting at the table and listening to the poems and laughing along with us. Here in Singapore, I do not have any of my fancy place settings or table clothes so we keep it very simple – tea pot, tea cups, honey lemon tea for the kids (chai tea for myself), a snack and our poetry books. Sometimes the snack may be a special treat, but more often then not it is fruit and muffins. For some really fun ideas, visit Poetry Tea Time on Instagram.

This practice has really become a parenting tool for me. Quite often on difficult days, I will set up a poetry tea time as it seems to bring us back together and reset everyones attitudes. No one will turn down a treat! I will also pair a tea time with another activity that Ewan may be less excited to take part in. Hand writing is especially exhausting for Ewan, but sitting altogether and having a snack seems to help with the ‘fun’ factor.

Tomorrow a website entirely dedicated to poetry tea time will be launched. It will guide you in poetry tea time how to’s, inspirational ideas, and ways to make this practice work for your family. Visit here for a free quick guide and details on a contest!



Let me know if you try a poetry tea time with your children. I was really surprised how much each of us really came to love this activity.

Everlys smile

Yesterday Everly had surgery on her teeth due to early childhood tooth decay (ECTC) – she needed two fillings and 6 crowns. Wow, that is a lot of work in such a tiny mouth. This has been a difficult issue as most people would assume such a thing is due to sleeping with juice in a bottle or a high diet of sugar. Neither of which are true in our case. We take great pride in our families eating habits as well as how we have cared for each of our children including their teeth. I also did not want to listen to the fact that breastfeeding was a potential cause – I have read a lot of mixed research on this topic. Her older siblings have no dental issues and the benefits of breastfeeding are numerous. But for whatever the reason, Everlys teeth were decaying and breaking. I was so worried about how this would affect her beautiful smile and her confidence as she grew older.

We have been dealing with this issue since October when I first noticed a little hole on one of her front teeth and then upon looking closer some decay along the gum line of her front teeth. We were fortunate to see a paediatric dentist within 24 hours of sending an email – he told us that we caught it early and that the best way to avoid surgery was to try and halt the decay. We began using a fluoride toothpaste twice a day, wiping her teeth after she nursed (even overnight) or ate and encouraging her to drink more water after eating and nursing.

At home in Ottawa over the holidays we saw our own dentist who had the same suggestions – try and delay surgery as long as possible.We also saw a naturopath who found that Everly had a gluten intolerance which may have been contributing to the higher acidity in her saliva. Everly and I went gluten free and began taking several supplements to try and slow down the decay. While at home one of her little front teeth chipped.

In February, despite all of our efforts, her chipped tooth further broke and her little tooth with the hole also chipped. We decided to night wean her so that she would not have any fluid on her teeth over night. This is still an ongoing battle, but I feel like it is another important step for her dental health – we wanted to try every option and this was the last one and most difficult to put into action.

We saw the dentist in Singapore early March and he said the decay was spreading very quickly and soon he would have little tooth to work with and that her molars now had very deep cavities. He was worried, as were we, about infections or an abscess beginning as well as the decay affecting her adult teeth. He recommended the dental surgery to take place as soon as possible. After a lot of thought, Alan and I felt like surgery was our best option at this point.

To do the surgery was such a difficult decision as there are risks to any surgical procedure especially when a child is under 3. Obviously, google is never your friend in any sort of medical issue, but we read reviews anyways. Both of our dentists felt like surgery was in Everlys best interest sooner rather than later. I just hated having the burden of the decision on us since this was not a life or death emergency surgery and we obviously did not want to put her in any risk of complications.

The day of the surgery came and Everly was incredible. I was terrified of how I was going to hold her off from nursing and eating until the surgery. She woke at 4am and would not go back to sleep, so I decided to go the hospital for 5:30am and walk around the neighbourhood until 6:30am to try and distract her. It worked! We walked the neighbourhood and then went in and the administrative staff and nurses along with bubbles and books kept her busy until 8:30am. I was also thankful that I was able to change into scrubs and accompany Everly right into the operating room and hold her while she was sedated. I was also there when they woke her up. Although she was hysterical upon awakening, she soon fell asleep and after her nap she was back to her normal self.

We are thankful now that this procedure was done and we are hopeful with the extra precautions and care that we will be able to maintain her beautiful smile. IMG_5458

Traveling South East Asia

Before moving to Singapore, I had very little geographical knowledge about Asia. Once we arrived the beauty of the city, the climate and my curiosity about new cultures was ignited. Alan and I decided that we would take two trips over the year to nearby cities while we were on this side of the world. Little did I know how big of a decision that would be! There are so many places to visit in South East Asia – it could take a lifetime to explore. We finally decided on a cruise to Thailand and Vietnam as well as a trip to Bali in Indonesia.


Planning the trips has been a learning opportunity for myself as well as the kids. We are using their atlas regularly to examine the maps and learn facts about various countries and cultures. The kids and I have also mapped out our travels on our wall map.

The cruise was a nice easy option as it left directly from Singapore. We all enjoyed the breathtaking views of endless sea and the opportunity to see some tourist destinations with relative ease as we could prebook tours that left directly from the ship. We kept in mind the length of tours that the kids could manage and not become cranky or lose interest.

While in Thailand, we stayed only along the coast in Pattaya as Bangkok was just too far for
IMG_6030the kids to sit on a bus for two hours and then do a tour. The first day we spent the afternoon visiting an elephant reserve. I had very mixed feelings about this tour as I did not want to be supporting animal cruelty, but I did want to create a hands on learning opportunity for the kids. The reserve was not terrible, but also was not the most well regarded either. The kids thought the visit was absolutely incredible. They loved seeing these giant animals up close and learning how they are cared for as well as the role and ‘jobs’ that elephants carry out in Asia. From the experience, we have stepped into the world of animal cruelty and how animals are treated around the world.

Our second tour in Pattaya was to visit the Sanctuary of Truth. This sanctuary was absolutely breath taking – the grandeur, the details – every inch has been hand carved. They have been building for 30 years and they were still building, incredible to see. We also spent some time at the floating market and the kids loved getting to spend their money on a souvenir. And the Mango sticky rice was delicious! The people in Thailand were so very friendly and welcoming, a really wonderful visit.

Our second cruise port was in Vietnam. The tour that we did was a little too long with a few too many stops for the kids. Unfortunately, the tour guide was also not very engaging and it was a very different experience than Thailand. BUT, the sights were still incredible – over the tour we saw the giant Jesus statue on top of the hill, the giant sleeping Buda at the temple, the whale temple, and the castle overlooking the sea.

We all very much enjoyed the cruising portion of the holiday as well. Getting to relax and read while Everly napped and looking out over the South China Sea was amazing. The food was great and the service staff were really wonderful. I liked that we were able to get to know the staff over the course of the week and they were so very friendly and fun with the kids.

The only down side from the trip was that it is difficult to really see a new city or get to know a place in such a short time. After having 7 months in Singapore, I see now more than ever how the typical tourist destinations are really only scratching the surface of a new place. I have so enjoyed the opportunity to really learn what a different country is like, but it will make traveling to other places for short durations more difficult, knowing that there is so much missing from the deeper experience of really living in a new place.

Our next adventure will take us to Indonesia and Bali in April. We are very excited to see another beautiful beach and take in some cultural experiences.


Looking back on the past year

Looking back on the past year and it all seems a little crazy – shocking in fact. One year ago, we had just begun signing documents to sell A Gym Tale and we were trying to envision what our lives would look like after we let go our business. I would have laughed out loud if someone suggested that my family and I would be living in tropical Singapore – I would have said that I would never move away from my family and friends and that Ottawa has so much to offer, so why leave? But we threw caution to the wind when the opportunity arose in June and pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone. I am so happy that we made that decision.

The first half of our adventure in Singapore was scary and wonderful all at the same time. We were tourists with an unlimited amount of time to see the sights. We met some really great friends – both expats and Singaporeans. We learned how to use the public transit system. We explored the foods available in Singapore – although we could be a little more adventurous on this front. We learned to love the extreme heat. We joined homeschool co-ops and started our own!

On my way  home from having my hair cut in December, just before leaving for Canada, I came to the realization that we have actually created a really beautiful life for ourselves. We were no longer feeling like tourists (although there are still many amazing things we have yet to see and do here – but that is probably true in Ottawa as well). I didn’t stress about how to get to various places anymore. We have many places around the city that we are comfortable jumping on the bus / MRT on a whim without major planning. We use the library regularly and I have a hair dresser that knows me. We also have great friends that we would truly miss when we were in Canada for a month. And we have a regular brunch spot and place on the beach that we visit at least once a week, usually more!

Although, I would never move over seas permanently, I am so glad that we took this leap. I am also very happy to be able to return after our holiday at home – which was so very wonderful – it was amazing to get to spend so much time with family and friends over Christmas and New Years. This half of our adventure we are looking forward to further exploring Singapore as well as some of the nearby countries. We have trips to Thailand, Vietnam, and Bali coming up over the next few months. So many opportunities that we are so very grateful to have.

6 month anniversary of leaving AGT

It has now been 6 months since I was a business owner working outside of
my home. It has been an incredible six months – our lives have Elizabeth Fulton Photography114-1completely changed. We are now living on the opposite side of the world on a tropical island and we are now a homeschooling family. The kids are no longer rushing to keep up with my schedule and the general facst paced life in North America. We are free to make any day a pj day (we are making up for lost time on this one), a beach day, a big outing to the zoo or just the local park. The weather is almost always the same here, so we just see how we feel – if we need more rest, then we take it. If we are up for adventure, we go for it!

However, my expectations of free time for myself really have not happened like I had imagined. I had envisioned free evenings once the kids were asleep – no chores, no emails, no work. I had envisioned myself sewing the girls cute matching dresses and dolls (all of the materials I have here on hand – except a sewing machine – but I would have time to sew by hand, right?). Along with reading a long list of books that I have been wanting to read for years. I would also practice my piano each day, so that I would be playing like Alicia Keys. And don’t forget working out each day – I would train for a triathlon!

For any of you who know me – you know that the above is not me being funny, I really believed this would ALL happen. Yes, within the first 6 months.

Reality – I am usually so busy with chores, clean up from dinner and catching up with laundry that I don’t sit until 9:30pm. Then Everly typically wakes once around 10pm and I have to help her fall asleep. By that time, it is too late to begin a project, so I spend time online or Alan and I watch tv or part of a movie (which drives him crazy to stop part way through, lol). This past month, I have also had to add in planning for Christmas and Isla’s birthday. I am trying to find time to read in the afternoons with a hot coffee – but with 3 young children, I have read 5 chapters between 3 different books! I repaired a dress and a costume – but that is the extent of sewing. I have been more successful with working out and I do manage to swim regularly and I have recently began running and training at the gym.

So, when did I fit in 30 hours of work a week, plus emails, schedules, and planning at night – on top of maintaining a household?! I don’t have a dishwasher and I have the tiniest washing machine in the world, but that does not add that much time.

However, I do spend my days with my kids. We do some basic chores throughout the day, but I don’t spend my days cleaning. I am getting to enjoy a coffee in the afternoon and I have read more books to the kids than I have ever before. Our condo walls are full of art work, the floors are covered with lego projects, and the counters full with science experiments. Many of our days are spent exploring the city and all that it has to offer. And many days at the beach!

I feel so very fortunate that we are on this adventure. I am also so grateful that I loved A Gym Tale for the 10 years that it was mine and my families way of life. I am also thankful that we were able to walk away from AGT when we felt the time had come. It is an incredible experience to be able to try living life in a completely new way.


Interest Lead Learning – Reading and writing skills

I am a firm believer that when a child is ready to learn a skill it will happen very quickly and smoothly. If forced before their readiness, it will be an uphill battle.
With Ewan, reading, writing and art (specifically with paper) exploded just after he  IMG_0027
turned 4 years old – he could not get enough paper to keep himself busy (we are lucky that we have many family members gathering scrap paper for Ewan). Whether it was creating paper objects (treadmills, glasses etc.), drawing his own pictures and writing words or reading books.

2 years ago we began the All About Reading program (it has since made some changes that I am not yet familiar with). It appealed to me because the lessons were as long the child was interested – even 5 minutes was enough time to make some progress. The whole program is 20 lesssons – we are currently on 16. Sometimes we do it each day and other times we take a month or more break. But Ewan has retained every rule and sound combination that we have reviewed and his reading and confidence is incredible.

In the month of September, Ewan also came up with the idea of him and I collaboratingIMG_0373
together on a book. He wanted to turn a bedtime story that I had made up for him into a book and then into an audio book. We took on the project by first making a book. I wrote out the story. He read each page and then illustrated the book. Afterwards he filmed me while I read the story – I love his introduction. Ewan said he will keep it to read to his children ❤

To encourage more writing we have been writing letters to friends and family. I have also picked up some note books as Ewan really enjoyed writing stories last year at school. Ewan is now writing a ‘Pokedex’ Pokemon book with all new original pokemon that he has created along with the information on their health points, attacks and damage points. He is currently making a blog where he introduces his new pokemon to the world! You can have a sneak peak here, he has completed his About Me section.

Ewan is not always eager to read and write. I try to pair his reading lesson with breakfast as we are all sitting at the table together. Before his spelling and writing skills had improved, I would also write down the descriptions of his pictures as the effort would turn him off of drawing. Another sure way to encourage reading and writing is for me to sit on the couch to read or to journal myself. It is only a matter of minutes before the kids also have their books and journals out and are busy at work.

Read aloud chapter books or story books are never an issue, I think the kids could listen to books being read by Alan or I all day long! Recent stories have been Beatrix Potter and Curious George for Isla. We have read the Little House on the Prairie for both kids. Ewan and Alan have read the first 3 Harry Potter books (the next ones will wait until he is older). We are also spending a lot of time getting research and story books from the local library every second week.

I am slowly learning to trust the kids own natural curiosity and try not to push through my own agenda. Although I do strategically leave out invitations that may be of interest to the them, such as envelopes, stamps and paper or new notebooks waiting to be filled, the kids will often come up with their own ideas. These ideas then usually take on a life of their own.


We are beach people

October was a bit of a whirlwind month as we had family visiting us in Singapore. I was so happy to have my mom and step dad here to see how we are living and to have them see the many amazing sights of Singapore. We were able to bring them to some of our favourite places – restaurants, the botanic gardens, the beach, the aquarium as well as our day to day activities – the pool, the library and the kids ballet and taekwondo classes. It was hard to have them leave and left us all a little homesick and feeling like our Christmas visit home was miles away.

To lift our spirits and to remind us of the amazing opportunity that we have being in Singapore we have spent a few days back at our favourite place – the beach. We could spend each and everyday – digging, swimming, wandering the shorelines. We bring books, picnic lunches, meet up with friends and explore new restaurants and treats. I think if we could spend every day here for the next 8 months it still wouldn’t be enough. We are so thankful that we are getting this opportunity and there are still so many adventures that are on our list. I still have to pinch myself in the mornings to remind myself this isn’t a dream ❤

Arriving to the beach (We travel the city snuggled up close) 
                        Brunch on the beach
Palm trees and lounge chairs where Everly can nap while Ewan and Isla continue to play
All 3 kids love running in and out of the waves




Coconut ice cream out of a coconut!