Looking back on the past year

Looking back on the past year and it all seems a little crazy – shocking in fact. One year ago, we had just begun signing documents to sell A Gym Tale and we were trying to envision what our lives would look like after we let go our business. I would have laughed out loud if someone suggested that my family and I would be living in tropical Singapore – I would have said that I would never move away from my family and friends and that Ottawa has so much to offer, so why leave? But we threw caution to the wind when the opportunity arose in June and pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone. I am so happy that we made that decision.

The first half of our adventure in Singapore was scary and wonderful all at the same time. We were tourists with an unlimited amount of time to see the sights. We met some really great friends – both expats and Singaporeans. We learned how to use the public transit system. We explored the foods available in Singapore – although we could be a little more adventurous on this front. We learned to love the extreme heat. We joined homeschool co-ops and started our own!

On my way  home from having my hair cut in December, just before leaving for Canada, I came to the realization that we have actually created a really beautiful life for ourselves. We were no longer feeling like tourists (although there are still many amazing things we have yet to see and do here – but that is probably true in Ottawa as well). I didn’t stress about how to get to various places anymore. We have many places around the city that we are comfortable jumping on the bus / MRT on a whim without major planning. We use the library regularly and I have a hair dresser that knows me. We also have great friends that we would truly miss when we were in Canada for a month. And we have a regular brunch spot and place on the beach that we visit at least once a week, usually more!

Although, I would never move over seas permanently, I am so glad that we took this leap. I am also very happy to be able to return after our holiday at home – which was so very wonderful – it was amazing to get to spend so much time with family and friends over Christmas and New Years. This half of our adventure we are looking forward to further exploring Singapore as well as some of the nearby countries. We have trips to Thailand, Vietnam, and Bali coming up over the next few months. So many opportunities that we are so very grateful to have.