Our Next Adventure

In three weeks, my family and I will begin a new adventure. We are moving to Singapore for the next 10 months! After the sale of A Gym Tale, this work opportunity for Alan presented itself and for the first time ever, there really didn’t seem like anything was holding us back. So we decided to go for it!

We are very excited for this experience. It will not only offer us a full year of summer (32degrees and sunny every single day!), but the learning opportunities are endless – a new culture, living by the ocean, and being exposed to new languages, foods and customs. Singapore is also rated the 2nd safest city in the world and one of the top 10 destinations for families. The city is home to a zoo, many large parks, nature reserves, bird sanctuaries, beaches, science centre, museums, and Universal Studios. Not to mention libraries all over the city. Homeschooling in this city will be incredible with the amenities available to us!

This experience will also test our ability to live with much less and in a fraction of the space we do now. Our ground floor apartment has two bedrooms, living / dining room, kitchen and a patio. We are very fortunate that the complex also has a lap pool, recreation pool, gym and two parks. We will each bring one suitcase with summer clothes and any other items that will fit. I am actually very excited for this year of living with less. I am imagining now how easy it will be to clean and keep toys tidy!!!

With the departure date quickly approaching my to do list is growing each day as we prepare. I am so looking forward to blogging about our adventure overseas!


Cottage Life

Once A Gym Tale was sold and my last day of work was decided upon, Alan and I booked a cottage so that we could take two weeks to really let go of time pressures and our to do lists. For the past two weeks we have enjoyed complete freedom from schedules. We have spent so much time outdoors on the beautiful days and reading books and watching movies on the rainy days. No pressure to do everything. Simply doing what we choose each day. Some days have been busy running, kayaking, playing games, fishing, camp fires and anything else we could squeeze in before dark. Other days, we have just played in the water and cuddled on the couch. It really has been such a wonderful start to a new chapter in our lives as well as a new pace of life. We have all had a chance to unwind and to lose track of the days. For us, the perfect start to summer.


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Today is my retirement day. It is very bittersweet. I am happy with the decision that Alan and I made to sell A Gym Tale and to start a new chapter in our lives. But it was so hard saying goodbye to the families that I have come to know over the past 10 years. Families that I have seen grow and that I have had the pleasure to get to know through play classes and Nursery School. It was also so hard to say good bye to the staff members that have grown to be great friends who truly care for my children. I will miss seeing them each week and chatting about anything and everything.

But the possibilities that may open for myself and my family are well worth making the change.

Now that I have transitioned out of A Gym Tale the goal is no longer to find the time for things, but to now take my time. Taking time to live fully. Taking time to notice the little moments. Taking time to learn new skills and to give my children time to learn at their own pace. Taking time to focus on health.

This is a time to refocus. To live with less distractions which take time away from my loves and the things that are truly important.

For myself, I would like to focus on eating more whole foods, getting enough sleep and exercising – especially running, I miss running. As well as taking time to be creative –  I love to create – whether it is through sewing, scrapbooks, photography, gardening or writing.

For my marriage – taking more time for just the two of us – even if that is just an evening at home that doesn’t involve both of us working at the kitchen table until midnight. Maybe even a few date nights!

For my children, my goal is to never tell them to hurry again. I would love for them to have the time that they need to eat, get dressed or focus on doing up their own buttons. I want my children to have the time they need to finish activities at their own pace, not on my schedule. If they want to dig in the sand for hours on end, then it would be nice to give them those quiet days.

For friends and family, I am hoping for more spontaneous visits and longer visits. Not only visits or playdates that need to be scheduled a month in advance and that we must rush away because of work.

We are excited that we have made the decision to homeschool Ewan next year. I think it would do all of us a lot of good to slow life down for a little while. I love teaching and I am so excited to teach my own children and allow them the freedom to follow their interests and learn at their own pace. My goal is for my children to love to learn and to never stop asking questions and being curious about life around them.

I have so many hopes and wishes for myself and my family and I am so thankful to have the time to pursue these dreams.

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