We are beach people

October was a bit of a whirlwind month as we had family visiting us in Singapore. I was so happy to have my mom and step dad here to see how we are living and to have them see the many amazing sights of Singapore. We were able to bring them to some of our favourite places – restaurants, the botanic gardens, the beach, the aquarium as well as our day to day activities – the pool, the library and the kids ballet and taekwondo classes. It was hard to have them leave and left us all a little homesick and feeling like our Christmas visit home was miles away.

To lift our spirits and to remind us of the amazing opportunity that we have being in Singapore we have spent a few days back at our favourite place – the beach. We could spend each and everyday – digging, swimming, wandering the shorelines. We bring books, picnic lunches, meet up with friends and explore new restaurants and treats. I think if we could spend every day here for the next 8 months it still wouldn’t be enough. We are so thankful that we are getting this opportunity and there are still so many adventures that are on our list. I still have to pinch myself in the mornings to remind myself this isn’t a dream ❤

Arriving to the beach (We travel the city snuggled up close) 
                        Brunch on the beach
Palm trees and lounge chairs where Everly can nap while Ewan and Isla continue to play
All 3 kids love running in and out of the waves




Coconut ice cream out of a coconut!

One thought on “We are beach people

  1. Love reading your blogs Lindsay!!! So great to see and hear yous are all really embracing Singapore and all it has to offer. The kids look so happy which is adorable. Not long now until yous are home and we can all celebrate Christmas 🙂 keep well and love to you all. Xx


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