Our First Two Weeks

West Coast Park – this is one of 5 playgrounds which are all side by side!

The past two weeks we have been busy trying to orient ourselves and get to know the west coast of the city a little bit. I have become comfortable taking the bus to the local plaza which has a grocery store and it is where Isla is taking ballet and Ewan IMG_0007Taekwondo. We are also comfortable taking the bus to the local library as well as the science centre. This past week we have taken the MRT (subway) to a downtown appointment and it seems to be a really good way to travel further distances. The kids also now have bicycles so that we can get to the local park more easily. Our days and weeks are starting to move more smoothly and we feel like we have more freedom and choice in how we spend our days. And needing fruit and other basics from the store isn’t so terrifying!

We have also brought the kids on a few day trips to help with being homesick. It is really nice that the local park is so amazing, so that we really do not have to go far if a quieter day is needed.

Some of the adventures that we have taken are going to the Gardens by the Bay, which has an amazing view of the city from the tops of the super trees and then a great splash pad. The zoo was also a great experience. We now have a membership so that we can continue visiting the animals and using yet another amazing splash pad.

Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay
Splash Pad at Gardens by the Bay – water is all timed to a disney sound track – lots of fun!
The Zoo – we surprised the kids with a breakfast with the Orangutans!
We spent the afternoon at the splash pad in the Zoo.

We have also had the opportunity to meet several families with children of similar ages. The kids have loved running around wild with them and it has been really nice chatting with other moms about their experiences here in Singapore.

Swan Lake in the Botanic Gardens
It is so very hot!

We are all adjusting very well. The first week was difficult for the kids and their behaviour was beyond challenging. But they are now sleeping better and they are getting more used to the heat and the long travels on the bus. We are also taking full advantage of the swimming pools. We are swimming between 1-2 hours a day!

Over the next week, my goal is to begin trying some local food and to begin our homeschool daily and weekly routines to try and find our new normal.

Have a wonderful long weekend in Canada and enjoy the last burst of summer! (I am so envious of the impending Fall weather – I am dreaming about wearing jeans and cozy sweaters.)

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