Following new interests

As the countdown is now at 8 days until we leave, I have found a new interest to IMG_2758distract myself from packing. I have begun to learn about incorporating essential oils into our daily lives. I have always been interested in natural products to improve my families health and wellness and I now have the time to learn more about the many benefits and uses of these oils. They actually have so many uses from making your own cleaning products, massage oils, changing the household mood by diffusing the oils as well as boosting our immune systems.

I really like idea of using the oils in our daily routines to help the flow of our days. Specifically, I would like to start working the oils into our afternoon and night time routines. In the afternoons, the kids and I often have our down time while Everly takes her nap. I have started using the lavender oil in the diffuser to help create a calmer and more relaxed feel while we read books or the kids find quiet activities. I am hopeful that this intentional act will help give myself and the kids some quiet time to make it through the rest of the day.

At bedtime, I have started massaging the kids feet with a ‘peace and calm’ blendFullSizeRender 3 mixed with coconut oil that should help relax them into a good sleep. Our nights are not the most restful right now and we definitely need some help in this area. Ewan has trouble slowing down his mind to fall asleep and Isla struggles to stay asleep and Everly is just up all the time! The kids have really enjoyed taking their turns and getting some extra touching from mom at the end of the day while dad is reading the story books.FullSizeRender 2


I am excited to continue to test out new oils and blends to help energize my own moods in the morning and to help myself slow down in the evenings. I think using the oils will help everyone with the stress of the upcoming move. It will also be a good way to boost our immune systems and to help fight off colds and flu when symptoms first appear. And it will be nice creating one household cleaner that can do it all!

If you are interested in incorporating these oils into your own daily life or simply to get more ideas on how to use them, join me on my page.

Now to get back to packing – maybe there is an oil for that?!

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